Friday, July 20, 2007

To Publish of Not to Publish....

The moment of truth has arrived! Yesterday, a friend whose opinion I value, asked me if she could link my book blog to her blog about the professional collection within the library system where we both work. Of course, flattery will get you everywhere - right? I was flattered, to say the least. But then my better judgement took over and I realized that I'd be putting my blog and my political and personal opinions out there for my library world to see. Am I ready?

What's wrong with that, you might ask, but think about it. How many times have we read that people's MySpace pages (yes, I have one now) and blog opinions have come back to haunt them when they've applied for certain jobs or promotions? Is it fair? Probably not, but be truthful. If you're a flaming liberal and you find out that a certain person you thought you liked has an anti-Hillary bumpersticker on their SUV, don't you see that person in a whole new (unflattering) light? I know, I know, it goes both ways but you get my point.

I love writing about books but I'm the first one to admit that my reviews are not professional. If I was reviewing for a newspaper or journal I would feel compelled to be objective, fair and balanced - don't laugh. However, in my blog I can speak freely about my personal reaction to certain authors and books based upon my politics, upbringing, life experiences, et al. I believe that it's the asides and editorializing that makes my blog fun for people to read. This is the me I wish I could share with the world but expediency tells me that I'm wiser to share it only with those who know and love me. Isn't this a sad commentary on the world we live in today?


Ann said...

Yes I think you are ready to put your opinions out there for the library world to see. It is very interesting reading.

Infobabe said...

I understand totally. As soon as I made the suggestion, I remembered that you now have my personal blog linked on yours plus my comments on your blog have my "picture" and our colleagues are familiar with that particular picture. I was not comfortable being Infobabe to everyone and having everyone go to Life on Librarian Boulevard. It's tricky. I also totally agree about the anti-Hillary stickers on the SUV. It's like a kick in the stomach each day. I shake my head.

TooManyBooks said...

Well, you know I love your blog! I do understand your quandary.You write so well and I love your book reviews. I didn't know you had a my space page! I'm almost tempted to start blogging, but I hate to add another "have to" to my list!

Sallyb said...

The MySpace page is a funny story that shows I'm not quite "there yet" when it comes to technology.
I had heard that Kathleen had something on her MS page that I wanted to see so she send me an "invitation" to be her "friend."
When I went in to MySpace it told me (I thought) that I had to sign up so I did. Then I thought - oh geesh - what have I done!! Come to find out, I didn't have to sign up but now that I am I'll leave it to play with. Makes me feel like I'm "with it."