Friday, December 17, 2010

Finding One's Niche

I've been a bit over philosophical the last few months. I expect it has to do with thoughts of coming up on that special age that, in our parents' time, meant sitting back and relaxing for the rest of one's life. For our generation, 62 means very different things. Why, one almost feels guilty for saying the word retirement! People wonder, "what on earth would you do?" I accuse those people of a dire lack of imagination!

For those of us who love our work the choices are even harder. What many of us would like is the gift of time. An extra day or two to read and write would suit me just fine and time to go to New York for an NBCC event, time to volunteer on ALA's Notable Book Council, time to push myself out of my comfort zone and feel the satisfaction after having done so.

I had a golden opportunity this week to do just that and, I can't believe I'm saying this, it was FUN! I was asked to speak on the local NPR station about the great books of 2010. My usual reaction would be to call my friend Maryellen and say, "you go, I can't do this," but that wasn't an option this time. When the library director asks for a favor, the answer is always YES! And all this is to say that I think I've found my niche. Listen if you have the time and see what you think:

I have another book from Library Journal to read and review this week. Loved the cover - ROME! (thank you Barbara!) Will let you know if the book lives up to it's cover. Finished The Cookbook Collector this morning with a huge smile on my face. How I do love happy endings! A very satisfying read. I'm halfway through Dennis Lehane's Moonlight Mile on my Nook. You've gotta love his politics. He never misses a chance to slip them in.

Planning to take a break from Paul Theroux's trip through Africa so that I can listen to Room. It's getting too much press to ignore. Treated myself to my own copy of Nancy Pearl's Book Lust to Go. If I want to BE her, I absolutely have to read her!
So, what are you all reading?

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