Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nora Ephron Remembers Everything!

She may have titled her latest book I Remember Nothing but nothing could be further from the truth! This woman remembers every little slight and disagreement she ever had with anyone and how these altercations made her feel at the time. The good news is that she doesn't seem to hold a grudge so the overall tone of her book is one of reflection and acceptance.

After having roared my way through Ms. Ephron's previous book, I Feel Bad About my Neck, I expected another laugh a minute from her new one, but such was not the case. This book would make a good addition to a women's history course as Ms. Ephron talks about her first jobs after college graduation doing various gopher work at the New York Post. So much for that prestigious degree in the 1960's!

Still, she worked her way up to writing positions and has managed to build a glorious career for herself writing, directing films and hobnobbing with fascinating folks in the literary and movie stratosphere. Her relationship with the infamous Lillian Hellman made for a very strange chapter.

 Reading this account of Nora Ephron's life made me want to go back and revisit the book Heartburn, about her devastating breakup with husband and father of her children, Bob Woodard. And the film, Hanging Up, which was based on her famous family of siblings, has renewed interest for me now that I read her sister Hallie's blog every day.

Still, for those of us who have the "so many books, so little time" mentality, I guess I'd have to say that you could take a pass on this one. The wait was long but the reading took no time at all.

What else is going on? Tomorrow evening my friend Maryellen and I will traipse over to Sanibel to hear one of our favorites, Anita Shreve. Will tell you all about it this weekend.

I had not one, but two book reviews printed in the Feb. 1st edition of Library Journal. Neither book knocked me out I'm sorry to say, especially about the Mary Gordon for which I had big hopes. Here's the link, scroll down for Gordon and Napolitano.

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