Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cardinal Sin of Blogging

I'm apologizing to my readers because I suddenly realized that I have committed a cardinal sin of blogging. One is supposed to update, post, write, whatever you want to call it, at LEAST twice a week or one's readership falls off.  This is according toThe Huffington Post Guide to Blogging, but hey, I don't have all the writers that Ariana Huffington has at her disposal, not to mention the free time now that she's sold to AOL! That was a disappointment.

Speaking of disappointments, my president has really been letting me down lately. I've been holding out "hope" that the man I thought I knew (and gave a bit of $$ to) would return - very funny skit on the Daily Show about our relationship with the president by the way. I'm weeks behind on watching, just as I'm weeks behind on reading. I still haven't finished Sunday's paper!

I know that the president spoke this afternoon about the budget and a quick scan of the headlines, indicates he may have finally said the right things about taxes on the uber-wealthy, cuts in defense spending, and protecting senior citizens' rights to Medicare. I'll have to listen to the full speech later. But, he's going to have to tell me an awful lot before I respond to his letter to me yesterday.
Yes, the one with the return envelope for my check for 2012. I wish we had rules like the Europeans do - give folks a month or two to campaign and that's it, put the burden of doing our homework back on us and not on network TV. Wouldn't that be heavenly?

So, what am I reading? Well, I haven't gotten far enough in anything to express an opinion but first up will probably be Nelson DeMille and Up Country. I'll be running the roads Friday on my day off and try to finish that one up so that I can get to the anxiously awaited Weird Sisters which sounds intriguing.

I've just started Donna Tartt's The Little Friend on my ipod. She reads it herself, typically a bad move for an author, but in this case, it's outstanding. The subject matter, though, may prove to be a bit erudite for me and at a whopping 18 or 19 parts to boot. By the bed I'm still enjoying Deon Myers' Thirteen Hours but at ten minutes per evening before crashing out, it'll be a while before I'll be able to weigh in on this.

At work I'm browsing through the latest Robert Baer book, written with his wife Dayna. These two former CIA agents have plenty to say about their previous employer and, as you can imagine, it's far from good. The Company We Keep has not fallen prey to the redactors the way Valerie Plame's book did (practically ruining it for readers or listeners), so the Baers must have learned to play the game. Ever since my love affair with the British spy series MI-5 I've been fascinated by the dark world of espionage. Well actually, I've been interested for most of my life. Why would that be, I wonder?

Any ideas on how I can juggle work, exercise, social life, home, garden and relationships and still have time to read more, I'd love to hear from you! Is it any wonder that social security check is calling my name?

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