Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dress Rehearsal for Retirement?

It's likely that I'll never NOT be a librarian but it's very likely that, with good fortune and good health, next year at this time, I will be retired, not from being a librarian, but from the regulation of the day to day, hour by hour drudgery of the glorified geek squad.

So, in preparation for that time, not to mention getting my financial ducks in a row, I took a two week vacation to do nothing! You heard it, nothing! Sure, I've  often taken two weeks off in a row but it usually means learning how to communicate in another language, arranging for travel documents, international drivers' licenses, you get it.

This time all I'm doing is reading, blogging, following the Supreme Court and loving my proximity to the action in DC. Side note, a nurse/teacher from Ft. Myers was on the front page of the local section of the Washington Post today. A supporter of the Affordable Care Act, or as Don and I call it, Obamacares, this lady came all the way from my hometown to sit outside waiting for the historic decision to come down. As a supporter, she was not disappointed. I am still in a state of shock!

So, will I be able to retire? Well, let me tell you what my first big decision of the day is....should I have my coffee and newspaper in bed or should I go out to the deck? Second decision of the day...should I take the shorter but more strenuous walk to the south boardwalk and a few hills ( yup, they have those here ) or should I take the northbound, longer walk along the beachfront where I might get waylaid by all the kitschy antique shops?

Currently reading Barbara Kingsolver's new book Flight Behavior. I'm almost finished but can't say a word as I'm reviewing it for LJ. Listening to and very much enjoying The Nineteenth Wife. Thanks to Net Galley I also have bunches of new books that will be out in the fall on my nook. I also took a chance on paying overdue fines in order to bring  Richard Ford's Canada with me.

Oh wow, just stretched and looked out the window to see a huge cruise ship heading down the Chesapeake to the open sea. What a glorious sight. I'll never tire of it. Speaking of sights, Don pointed out a photo op that reminded him of my most loyal reader Maryellen. Shout out to you. I took this picture today. Thought you'd get a kick!


TooManyBooks said...

Love it! Glad you are having fun. I can't wait until those kind of decisions are the biggest I make!
Today is Linda's last day. You'll get a kick when you see the emails Nancy S. has been sending her.
Looking forward to our dinner on the 10th!

Linda said...

I loved this posting, and obviously identified with the sentiment. So glad you're happy and relaxed. I'm still in shock over the Supreme Court decision. Hope is alive! Enjoyed your Irving posting too and look forward to reading it. I've only been retired a few hours, and I feel total freedom! -- LKH