Monday, July 30, 2012

I Can't Review Everything! Or Read it all Either!

I had a playdate Friday with my dear friend and college roommate, Cathy Jones. After 45 years we can still talk all day without a break in the conversation. What a joy! We haven't forgotten how to make eachother laugh and we know which topics to stay away from. One thing we can always count on is our love of books.

So I left her house with a load of guilt on my shoulders when she very correctly pointed out that she ALWAYS tries my recommendations and I NEVER try hers. Ouch! When she told me that she couldn't put down The Hunger Games, I was incredulous. Why do I have to be so ornery? I went right home and bought it for my Nook and it's been residing unmolested there in cyberspace ever since. I promise Cath, before the summer is over, I'm going to be all over it.

Now she wants me to read A Discovery of Witches. According to the blurbs it involves vampires, magic, old books - that works - the Bodleian Library at Oxford - ok, you've almost got me - what else? Hmmm - a protaganist who was originally burned at the stake in Salem. Well, interestingly enough, so was I, according the Dictionary of Witchcraft - under my maiden name of course.

So tell me readers? What's with all the supernatural business lately? Why are we drawn to the imaginary world? Is it because the actual world is in such despair? I don't know, just asking. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Meanwhile, I have a nook full of advanced digital copies just calling out to me, not to mention two books of essays, one by the lovely, brilliant thinker, Marilynne Robinson, called When I Was a Child I Read Books. How could I not bring that one home? The other title is The Great Northern Express, A Writer's Journey Home by Howard Frank Mosher, a man whose name is always bandied about by writers I admire.

Today it was announced that another gem I just snapped up has been long listed for the Man Booker Prize. I can't wait to jump into The Unlikely Pilrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.

What I won't review:

Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George - 20 sound discs and no murder! Are you kidding me?

Wish You Were Here by Joshua Henkin - the nastiest, most self absorbed family I've ever spent a weekend with!

The Art Thief by Noah Charney - mindless blather with a bit of art history thrown in. Just enough to keep me occupied while I trudge around the neighborhood on my 3 mile evening walk. Our download depot is ferociously lacking in literary fiction though I did get Hilary Mantel's latest yesterday.

So tell me readers - what books have you given thumbs up to lately? Thumbs down? Let's have a conversation.

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