Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So what will it be for the rest of the afternoon? Finish Lisa Genova's new novel, Loving Anthony, and report to you and Net Galley, or plow through the pile of newspapers that are rebuking me from the couch?

Yesterday was complete the garden day for fall. Don and I have been working hard each weekend on a new, sturdier set up for the growing season and now that it's finished, I have to say it's gorgeous! Good, solid 4 X 4's, held in place with rebar have replaced the bamboo that we used for the past two years.
Brand new healthy dirt, fortified with organic garden soil has been raked in and we have a better planting plan too. We're using both seeds and starter plants so that we'll have a longer eating season with less waste.

Here's what we have to show for hours at Lowe's, my favorite place after home and the library!

In one box go all of Don's hot peppers, collards, and this year's experiment, an eggplant. My mom would be soooo proud. In the other box are my red and green bell peppers, two types of tomatoes, and three lettuces, not to mention spinach. Marigold for color and peppermint to keep away the bugs!
I'm so glad I have a yard! How fortunate can a girl be? When we were finished we sat out back with our wine and just breathed in the smell of the wet dirt with such a sense of satisfaction - to be able to grow something provides such a glorious sense of well-being.
We also have the joy of providing a little mini-haven in the middle of this concrete world for all kinds of wildlife. We can observe more here than we do on our walks through the Six Mile Cypress slough. Yesterday there were yellow butterflies everywhere and the cardinals were so red and the blue jays so blue that they take your breath away. But better still were these three otters playing around later in the day that I tried to catch on film. Should have taken a video!


TooManyBooks said...

How do you keep rabbits and such out??

Sallyb said...

Remarkably they don't seem to get in. I've never seen a rabbit. I'm more concerned with stray cats. Yuk!