Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Rosie Project - Audio Recorded Review

Thanks to my class at Florida Gulf Coast University, I am learning many little techie tricks. One of my goals was to learn how to make audio recordings of my blog posts or recordings of certain especially moving paragraphs within the novels I'm reviewing.

Then it occurred to me that I could record the entire blog post and put it out there for people who are having difficulty seeing or for those who simply prefer audio content. With that in mind, my friend Don gave me a fancy microphone for my birthday this year along with a nudge.

This is an experiment that I will continue to improve upon. I would like to post my first audio recording here just to see how it's received. 


librarysue said...

I'm not finding an audio clip, maybe I'm missing something. I'm midway through The Rosie Project. It's wonderful - thanks for your post!

Sallyb said...

Hi librarysue, There should be an orange arrow on my photo. If you click it, it's fuzzy for a few seconds but then it should sound clearly. I just tried it and it worked. It's a download from SoundCloud. I hope you can get it to work as I plan to try this again. :-) Thanks for reading!

librarysue said...

Got it. When IE fails, try Chrome.

Sallyb said...

Excellent, thanks. I'll try to make it more sophisticated as I learn new tricks.