Wednesday, March 25, 2015

8th Anniversary of Reading Around the World

Eight glorious years of sharing my thoughts with you about books and ideas, it scarcely seems possible. I can't thank you all enough for taking this journey with me. There have been days when I thought I'd run out of things to say and others when I couldn't stop typing. There were times when I felt the urge, no, the need to write about other pressing topics, especially my family. Then too, I had fabulous journeys to share, and politics to rave and rage about.
But it always comes back to books, doesn't it? The beauty of the written word cannot be taken lightly. Authors are my heroes. They create a path to understanding, to the unique, to empathy for those in circumstances so different from our own. They keep us awake at night. They can terrify us, make us cry. And they are as diverse as we the readers are.
I plan to be off the grid for about ten days but I'll have so much to share when I return. I have new books from Paula McClain and Jane Urquhart on the way to me from Library Journal. I have a bag full of giveaways for new commenters. Jenny, you are first up.
I've also been introduced to several new (to me) Florida writers whose books will likely make it to WGCU's Florida Book Page. And best of all I met a lively fellow book lover at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival whose audio author interviews I highly recommend. Her name is Cary Barbor and you can catch her here.
See you in April.


Jessica said...

Wow! Those 8 years certainly went by in the blink of an eye. It seems like we were all just learning about blogs and twitter and social media.

Sallyb said...

I know Jess, How about it? Thanks to SWFLN for getting me started. I should write an article for their newsletter. Oh, forgot about the McCall Smith book but will bring it in for you this week.