Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sally's Florida Book Page

OK, I know, I'm cheating here. The plain truth is that I've dilly-dallied away the entire winter and now it's six weeks to departure for Maryland, Chicago, (BEA, here I come!), and California, and I'm way behind the eight ball. My local Florida readers know that a little over a year ago I proudly agreed to take on a monthly audio review for our local NPR station, WGCU, which records from the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University.

The idea behind this program is that the books read and reviewed must be by an author with ties to Florida, about Florida, or taking place in Florida. Well! Who knew it would be so hard to stay on top of these kinds of books and still find stories that I would truly enjoy and want to recommend. This missive then, should be considered an SOS to all my readers, no matter where you are. Your ideas are welcome anytime.

Just now I've found myself with several interesting possibilities, two of which I'm working on right now. The problem is that I have to get them all recorded ahead of time so that I can leave for the summer with a clean conscience. It often takes me a whole day to draft a five hundred word review, practice speaking it, tweak it, practice and time it again before I go into the studio. I still have two more to read, write, and record.

I try diligently to post something here every week so that readers won't think I've given up or gone away. I owe it to you according to all the books I've read on maintaining a blog. So, even though I just finished a creepy suspense novel by Joyce Maynard that I can't wait to share with you, I've got to get back to the Florida Book Page. Want to know what I've done so far? Here's a link to the last year's worth of recordings. Enjoy! I'll be back.

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